Born in Iran, Tehran in 1982, Nikki Keramati had lots to look forward to from the moment she saw the world. At the age of 3, she moved to Germany with her family for about 4 years and then finally ended up in what she perceives as her hometown, Montreal, Canada. As a young child, she had lots of ambitions but one specific aspect that always stuck out, was the arts .She started out by drawing, painting, sculpting, creating and wanting to become a fashion designer in her teens.

Although she thought fashion design would be great, with not that many opportunities in Montreal, she decided to try out website development/ graphic artist instead. She started a few classes in Dawson College in computers, and after finishing in Sociology, she went to Concordia University and acquired diplomas in Web design, Photoshop and Digital imaging.

She constructed web sites for about 4 years and finally in 2009 decided it was time to add some new skills such as photography. This field had always been something she wanted to try out but never had the time to get into. It was instant love!! It goes without saying that she couldn't get enough and quickly her passion grew from there. Photography and her expertise in retouching photos came hand in hand and every piece of her skills came together like a puzzle.

As an artist, Nikki loves to keep learning as art and creativity is ever growing. She has since then gotten to work with many different types of photographers in the field to give her different perspectives of how to look through the lens. She loves it all, from fashion, portraits, events, weddings...

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